Development, inclusive growth, poverty

FEM35-16 | march 2014

Inclusive Growth in MENA: Employment and Poverty Dimensions in a Comparative Context

Study Femise directed by Hassan Hakimian, London Middle East Institute and Economics Department, SOAS, University of London , together with Mona Said, Dr – The American University in Cairo; Massoud Karshenas, Professor – SOAS, University of London; Alia El Mahdi, Professor – Cairo University; Randa Alami, Dr – SOAS, University of London; Ali Rashed, Mr – Population Council, Cairo
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FEM34-14 | april 2013

A Cross-Country Assessment of Well-Being and Quality of Life in the Euromed Region: Models and Measurements

Study Femise directed by Boris Bartikowski, Euromed Management, Kedge Business School, France , together with Dwight Merunka, Aix Marseille University, France Bertrand Sogbossi Bocco, Abomey-Calavi University, Cotonou, Benin Sofiane Ghali, University of 7 November at Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia M. Joseph Sirgy, Virginia Tech University, Virginia, USA
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FEM31-02 | december 2008

Financial Development, Economic Growth And Poverty Alleviation In Mena Region

Study Femise directed by Mondher CHERIF (ESC Sfax) et Samy BENNACEUR , together with Yan BABESKI, Mohamed GOAIED, Magda Kandil, Iftekhar HASAN and Nidal SABRI
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FEM31-06 | september 2008

Analyse de l’impact de la croissance sur la pauvreté et identification des stratégies de croissance bénéfique aux pauvres («pro-poor growth strategies»). Etude des cas pour six pays partenaires méditerranéens : Egypte, Israël, Liban, Maroc, Tunisie et Turquie.

Study Femise directed by Valérie BERENGER et Claude BERTHOMIEU, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNSA) , together with Jaleleddine BEN REJEB (ISG Sousse), Valérie BERENGER (CEMAFI, UNSA), Ghazi BOULILA (ESSEC Tunis), Renginar DAYANGAÇ (Université de Galatasaray), Joseph DEUTSCH (Université de Bar-Ilan), Christophe EHRHART (CEMAFI, UNSA), Rita EL ARAJ (CEMAFI, UNSA), Abdelhamid EL BOUHADI (Université de Marrakech), Hajer EL OUARDANI (ESSEC Tunis), Abdelkader ELKHIDER (Université de Marrakech), Chaker GABSI (ISET de Médenine), Burak GÜRBÜZ (Université de Galatasaray), El Mustapha KCHIRID (Université de Marrakech), Haluk LEVENT (Université de Galatasaray), Zoya NISSANOV (Université de Bar-Ilan), Alain SAFA (CEMAFI, UNSA), Jacques SILBER (Université de Bar-Ilan), Chakib TAHIRI (Université de Marrakech), Mohamed TRABELSI (IHEC, Tunis).
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FEM31-04 | march 2008

Trade and Jobs in Morocco: Why do some firms succeed and others fail to increase employment?

Study Femise directed by Lahcen ACHY, INSEA, Morocco ; Khalid SEKKAT, DULBEA, University of Brussels, Belgium
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FEM31-22 | march 2008

The Children Challenge In The Mediterranean Area Experiences and perspectives in child well-being promotion

Study Femise directed by Carla Collicelli, CENSIS, Rome, Italy , together with Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
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FEM21-15 | august 2004

FDI Inflows to the MENA Region: An Empirical Assessment of their Determinant and Impact on Developments

Study Femise , together with INSEA, Rabat, Morocco IEP, Strasbourg, France CERDI, Clermont Ferrand, France CEFI, Université de la Méditerranée France
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FEM21-30 | november 2003

The Mediterranean Limes. The social Variables of development : Health, Poverty and Crime?

Study Femise , together with Faculty of Economics and Political Science – Cairo University, Egypt Royal Scientific Society, Jordan KEPE, Greece Bogazici University, Turkey
Download (Rapport général volume 1, PDF, 183 p., 560 Ko)
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FEM01-01 | october 2000

On the Impact of Economic Development, Trade and Investment Openness on Income Inequality

Study Femise , together with Joseph Deutsch, The Economic Research Institute at Bar-Ilan University, Israel ; Suleyman Ozmucur, Department of Economics, Bogazici University, Turkey ; Mohammed Bougroum ; Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Economiques et Sociales, Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco ; Claude Berthomieu, Eric Gasperini and Albert Marouani, Centre d’Etudes en Macro-économie et Finances Internationales, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France ; Magda Mercader-Prats and Xavier Ramos ; Department of Applied Economics ; Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain ; Gabrielle Antille and Yves Flückiger, Laboratoire d’économie appliquée ; Université de Genève, Suisse
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FEM01-20 | september 2000

Community-Level Impacts of Policy, Property Rights and Technical Options in the Low Rainfall Areas of West Asia and North Africa

Study Femise
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