Agriculture, services and migration

FEM44-06 | september 2019

Environmental Regulation and Agricultural Trade Development (report FEM44-06)

Study Femise directed by Kamergi Najla; , together with LEAD, Université de Toulon, France; Faculté des Sciences Economiques & Politiques de Sousse, Tunisie
Download (PDF, GB, 70 p., 3.0 MB)
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FEM43-17 | september 2019

The economic contribution of immigration on Europe (report FEM43-17)

Study Femise directed by Jamal Bouoiyour; , together with (IRMAPE, ESC Pau Business School, France); (CATT, University of Pau, France), (LEDa, DIALUMR 225, University of Paris-Dauphine, France)
Download (PDF, GB, 38 p., 1.0 MB)
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FEM43-05 | september 2019

The Long-Term Impact of Syrian Refugees on Turkish Economy (FEM43-05 report)

Study Femise directed by Pr. Ramon Mahia (AGREEM – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain); , together with AGREEM – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain; CREM, Akdeniz University, Turkey
Download (PDF, GB, 48 p., 2.3 MB)
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FEM43-03 | february 2019

Morocco and Tunisia in Global Value Chains: focus on business services as innovation drivers

Study Femise directed by Pr. José A. CAMACHO, University of Granada, Spain; , together with University of Granada, Spain; Universite Mohammed V, Morocco
Download (PDF, GB, 32 p., 2.0 MB)
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FEM43-07 | january 2019

Effects of Syrian Refugees on Labor Markets of Host Middle Eastern and European Countries

Study Femise directed by Dr. Roby Nathanson (MACRO Center, Israel), Prof. Khalid Sekkat (University of Brussels, Belgium) , together with MACRO Center, Israel; University of Brussels, Belgium; University of Brussels, Belgium
Download (PDF, GB, 44 p., 6.0 MB)
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FEM42-03 | october 2017

Do emigrants self-select along cultural traits?: Evidence from the MENA countries

Study Femise directed by Pr. Frédéric Docquier (FNRS & IRES, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium and FERDI, France); , together with FNRS & IRES, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium); FERDI, (France); Middle East Technical University (Turkey), IZA (Germany) and ERF (Egypt)
Download (PDF, GB, 57 p., 1.6 MB)
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FEM41-04 | january 2017

Winners and Losers in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry along the Transition Process

Study Femise directed by Dr. Doaa M. Salman Abdou (October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt); , together with October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt; Technical University of Cartagena & Institute of International Economics (IEI-UV), University of Valencia, Spain
Download (PDF, GB, 92 p., 3,5 MB)
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FEMFEM3d-03 | may 2014

The impact of expatriates’ remittances on the households’ standard of living: Comparative study of Lebanon, Morocco and Algeria

Study Femise directed by Choghig Kasparian, OURSE, University of St. Joseph, Lebanon , together with E.M. Mouhoud, LEDa-DIAL, Université Paris Dauphine
Download (PDF, FR, 153 p., 3 MB)
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FEM34-20 | april 2014

Return Migration in South Mediterranean Countries: Determinants, Impact and Policy Implications

Study Femise , together with Bachir Hamdouch, INSEA-Université Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco.Mona Said, the American University in Cairo, Egypt.Asmaa Elbadway, Consultant, Cairo, Egypt.
Download (PDF, GB, 145 p., 1.9 MB)
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FEM35-09 | february 2014

Facilitation of Transportation in Turkey and Poland: a Comparative Study

Study Femise directed by Jan Michalek, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Poland Subidey Togan, Bilkent University, Centre for International Economics, Turkey; In collaboration , together with Andrzej Cieslik, University of Warsaw, Poland; Nergiz Dincer, TED University, Turkey Jan Hagemejer, University of Warsaw, Poland; Aneta Mach, University of Warsaw, Poland; Armando Rungi, University of Warsaw, Poland
Download (PDF, GB, 273 p., 5 MB)
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